What is a peer support group?

Peer support group is a gathering of persons with SCI/D, their caregivers and family members who come together to offer support to one another. Education or social events may be provided as part of this group.

What is peer mentoring?

Peer mentoring takes place between a peer mentor who has adjusted and progressed in spite of a spinal cord injury or disease and a peer mentee who is newly spinal cord injured or diagnosed with a spinal disease. Peer mentors can help peer mentees adjust to life with a spinal cord injury as well as with health, social and lifestyle issues that the peer is experiencing. When someone becomes part of a peer mentoring program, they greatly benefit and dramatically shorten the time it takes to reach their new goals.

Are The Whole Person & MidAmerica Rehab part of GKSCIA?

No. GKCSCIA is a chapter of United Spinal Association. We offer resources, peer mentoring, membership meetings/social events. We are the primary sponsor of Mid-West Ability Summit.

The Whole Person & MidAmerica Rehab have peer support groups. Together we are the part of the SCI/D Community.

How can I connect with an individual who has a SCI/D or their family member?

Reach out to us on our CONTACT page.

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